Heating Services

Keep Your Home Warm and Comfortable

From large spaces to small, the one thing that stays the same... people want to be comfortable indoors and keep the cold, inclement weather outside.

McCown Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving and installing heating systems to Greenville since 1968. A lot of technological changes are now available for the heating systems of buildings and homes. We can recommend those energy efficient products and features.

For heat pumps the amount of refrigerant must be exact or your utility will be affected by as much as 50%. For gas systems, the safety controls must be checked and of course the system checked for carbon monoxide emissions.

From high efficiency gas furnaces, to high tech heat pumps we can find the best system to fit your needs. We want to save you money on your utility bill while keeping your home comfortable all year round. Make sure you learn about Hybrid Inverter Technology”.

ENERGY STAR ratings are better than ever on new heating systems.

There are new cost-effective ways to lower your utility bills. With new heating systems that have higher energy efficiency and favorable "ENERGY STAR" ratings, variable-speed humidity controls and programmable thermostats we can recommend ways to upgrade your old heating system and save you money.

Energy Star Rating Heaters & Air Conditioners